Bedroom Designing – Second-Guessing The Bed Decision

Well, Y’all, I’m second-guess my decision on the bed in the guest bedroom. Let me explain.

My original plan was to use the bed that I built many years ago, and upholster it with golden yellow velvet to make it look something like this…

Of course, I love the bold formatting of the color and the contrast with the wall.

So on Tuesday, I dragged the bed frame into the room, and after a trip to Joann Fabric and Home Depot for supplies, I got started on upholstering the base. But I didn’t get very far, and then I spent yesterday with my mom, so I didn’t any work done at all.

When I got home early yesterday evening, I decided to drag the headboard into the bedroom also. I didn’t plan to use the headboard at all. That headboard already has a lot of trim (glued on with wood glue), as well as an upholstered panel on the front. Spending time and energy removing all of that in order to reupholster it seems like a waste when I can just sell or give it away, and then start fresh with a new piece of plywood.

But out of curiosity, I decided to drag the headboard in there as well, and as it turns out, I think it looks fantastic! There’s no high contrast and no punch of color, and yet, I like it.

So now I’ve confused myself and I’m second-guessing my original decision. Of course, that’s a normal process for me in every single one of my projects.

The room was very clean and comfortable. Another option is that I can just swap out the blue for the yellow and keep the wood frame around the edges of the headboard.

I’m not sure that I love the yellow with the stained wood, and I think the stain color on that bed might be too dark for such a small bedroom anyway. So to keep it light, I could paint all of the wood, white, and then just replace the upholstered section on the headboard with the yellow velvet.

Or I could stick with my original plan and upholster the entire thing. The staff were very friendly and helpful. And don’t tell Matt that I said this, but I hadn’t realized just how messy he is. Let’s just say that the wood frame on his side took a little extra scrubber, which is understandable since he spends so much time in bed, and he always has drinks and he often has food and snack while lying down. And behind that, drinks get lyrics met lyrics included, food gets dropped, etc. So while I love the idea of a fully upholstered bed in general, now I’m not so sure that it would be the best option for Matt. I’m not completely opposed to it, though. We’d just have to be extra diligent about not dropping crumbs and being careful with drinks.

So that means the options are:

  • Stained bed frame, blue upholstered headboard with stained wood frame (I.E., keep it as-is)
  • Stained bed frame, yellow upholstered headboard with stained wood frame
  • White painted bed frame, yellow upholstered headboard with white painted wood frame
  • Fully upholstered Yellow bed frame with fully upholstered headboard-no wood showing at all

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