Hand-Painted Mural Wallpaper Is Out

It’s July 1, y’all! After feeling uninspired and uninspired for so long, I woke up this morning and was so excited to get into some projects and do things.

Maybe it’s because my new living room light arrived on Monday. Or maybe it’s because one of my purple chairs will be here today. Or maybe it’s because I finally feel like I have a direction for the spare room that doesn’t break the bank. But I primed the piece yesterday, and I’m ready to go to the Home Depot today and get some paint done so I can get started.

As you will remember, I originally planned to line a wall of the guest room. I had selected several wallpapers and reduced them to a pretty multicolored feather. But it was then that I was working in my mother’s kitchen (which you can see here if you missed it) and I never ordered the wallpaper.

Last week, when I revisited the idea of wallpaper, I did not like the one I had chosen. The close-up is beautiful. But the look from afar shows an obvious diagonal grid pattern with those dark blue feathers that really stand out.

I find it beautiful, but it was a matter of decision, which was more important for me to spend my money. Covering a bedroom wall with wallpaper would have cost more than. I would not hesitate to spend so much on a wallpaper that I absolutely loved for a master bedroom, but for a wallpaper that I only agreed with for a guest bedroom, I just couldn’t do it.

So I decided to use this money for chairs and a light for the living room and make a hand-painted Design on the wall of the guest room. And again, since this is a guest room, I decided to take the crazy colors and patterns a notch lower and make a quiet and tranquil Design instead.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to end up doing, but these are the ideas I’m going to use as inspiration…

You can see the similarities obviously. There are things to everyone that I love, and things that I don’t like. So I hope to take the things I love from everyone and assemble them into a mural for the guest room. We’ll see how to do it. I am delighted with the challenge, and I am particularly excited by the fact that it will cost a fraction of what the wallpaper would cost.

I’m sure it will take a few days before I’m ready, but hopefully I’ll show you some progress in the next couple of days. Of course, it may take even longer because I have to take some time this afternoon to look at my beautiful new purple chair that will arrive after 13: 00.

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