Home Designs – Two Failed Wall Mural Attempts

Either way, I don’t think the murals will be in the room. I made two attempts, and neither worked out.

At first, I wanted to do something inspired by the Urban Outfitters mural that I shared in this article. I just liked the pink mountains and the trees.

It started well. I knew that I would never get mine as amazing as the real wallpaper because I am almost sure that the artist who did this is not painting with latex wall painting. But I need to cover a 14-foot wall, so any kind of painting by the artist was out of the question.

Anyway, it took an eternity for the mountains to have something that even resembles the cute look of the inspired mural…

Trying to mix and soften and keep the paint moist enough to do these things is so incredibly difficult with latex wall paint. I used Floetrol as well as Liquitex slo-Dri mixed liquid which is used with real artist paints (but the wall paint is acrylic so I tried my luck). But even when these things were added, it still dried too quickly to get a very good mixture. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

There I decided to leave this whole idea. I started with the little light-colorful trees on the back…

And when I painted these little trees and realized the number of layers of trees I needed to work to the big, dark trees in the foreground, I realized that I didn’t care enough about this fresco to put so much time and effort into it. I mean, if I really liked that back then, I would have moved on. But I was already a little suspicious, so I simply did not have the motivation to devote hours, hours and hours to additional work.

So I decided to stick with a simple idea and do something inspired by etsy’s Mountain Shadow mural that I shared in this post.

I certainly would have had better luck with this one if I copied it exactly, including the color. But I had this idea in mind that I wanted to use fabric from my hiding place for the headboard. It’s this Blue velvet I originally bought for breakfast room chairs…

The garden in the middle of the garden is a beautiful piece of cloth, but you can see it, it is more blue and less teal than the murals of the shadow mountains. So I had to use a specific color paint matched to the fabric for my mural.

I sanded a little and then painted just above the first mural, starting in the sky. Because I had my mind stuck on the pink, I decided to make a pink and white sky. I loved it when the paint was still wet…

And of course I’m only talking about this upper range…

But when it dried, it darkened, and the white disappeared. Unfortunately, I only noticed this after painting the first row of mountains, because I was too distracted to get the right light gray-blue color. But this was a miserable mistake…

I had started with my original dark blue color, which I had matched, and I just added a little bit of that blue too much white, and then, to tone it up and make it grayer, I added black. But no matter how much I mixed and changed this color, it always looked like something that belonged to a children’s room.

And then I stopped and finally realized that my sweet pink and white sky had turned almost everything pink, and a much darker pink to it, and I finally decided to stop it.

So now I’m back on the drawing board. I think it’s time to abandon the idea of a characteristic wall of any kind. I just need to make this room, probably with monochrome walls all around. I can always add an incredible piece of art over the headboard.

Anyway, I’m disappointed it didn’t work out, but I’m not disappointed to have tried!! But now I’m on other levels. I’m not quite sure what it is at the moment.

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